Car Care Resolutions for the New Year

car care resolutions
Making Your Vehicle Like-New

As the New Year approaches, many people set goals or resolutions to help better themselves. If you are at a loss to what goals you can set, consider some of these car care resolutions. Happy New Year from all of us at Bob Ross Buick GMC in Dayton, OH!

Clean It Up

If your car is always a mess, inside and out, make a goal to keep your car clean. Spend some time cleaning out the interior, throwing away trash, and getting rid of any junk. Vacuum the carpeting and clean up any stains or spills. Finally, give your car a thorough wash. Try to make do this car clean up once a month to make it like a new vehicle once again.

Catch Up on Maintenance

Somewhere in your car’s owner’s manual is a recommended service schedule. It lists how often you should have certain maintenance items done, like oil changes, tire rotations, engine tune-ups, and brake checks. If you have fallen behind, schedule a service appointment here at Bob Ross Buick GMC and we will help you get back on track. Then, set a goal to stick to the schedule.

Check Your Tires

Once a month, you should do a thorough inspection of your tires. This should include checking the tread depth, looking for signs of uneven wear, and checking the tire pressure.

Best Holiday Gifts for Car Fans

Holiday Gifts for Car Fans
The Holidays Are Here

Finding the perfect present for the auto enthusiast in your life is no easy task. Fortunately, cars aren’t going out of style any time soon, so there’s plenty of chances to find the “right” gift. Check out these great holiday gifts for car fans that will make the rest of 2018 an enjoyable one.

Gas Clutch Socks

Manual transmissions aren’t all too common in modern cars, but true car fans may find themselves behind the wheel at some point in their lives. Gas clutch socks offer a great way to show their enthusiasm about cars and remind new drivers which foot goes where. After all, no driver wants to hit both the clutch and the gas simultaneously!

Steering Wheel Cover

You can’t go wrong with getting a steering wheel cover for the car fan in your life. As a far as holiday gifts go, a steering wheel cover is a great general present of choice too. Now drivers can keep their hands warm in winter and cool in summer, all while maintaining a firm grip on the wheel!

Tool Set

Auto enthusiasts always want to work on cars, and they need a proper toolset to do so. A 200-piece mechanics tool set is the perfect holiday gift for car fans! This set features every tool that an enthusiast, or mechanic, could ever need for general car repair, maintenance, and restoration.

If you’re looking for something bigger to put under the tree, like an actual new or used car or an aftermarket part, come talk to us at Bob Ross Buick GMC in Dayton, OH.

Join Us For The Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Dayton

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

Nothing is as devastating as a loved one being diagnosed with a dangerous or terminal illness, and for too many and for too long, breast cancer has been one such diagnosis. This year, come out and join us at Bob Ross Buick GMC in the fight against breast cancer by attending American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in Dayton, OH. The walk will take place on October 20th, 2018.

We’ve Raised Over $23,000

This is not the first time Bob Ross Buick GMC has fundraised and rallied support for the American Cancer Society. In our efforts for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk last year, we raised over $23,000 for the American Cancer Society and over $80,000 for The Norma Ross Foundation (Norma Ross is, of course, the wife of Bob Ross, our auto group’s founder). Our team was the #1 fundraiser in 2017, and we currently sit in the top spot for 2018 as well.

Join Our Team!

We invite you to join our team, the Norma Ross Pink Ribbon Driven Team and walk with us on October 20th. You can also make a direct donation to the Pink Ribbon Driven team or donate through our store by shopping our Pink Ribbon Driven merchandise.

Keeping a Clean Car for Peace of Mind

keeping a clean car
Be A Cleaning Machine

Keeping A Clean Car

We always think that keeping a clean car is important, yet life still seems to get in the way. On average, Americans spend more than an hour and a half in their cars every day. Take a big step towards organizing your life by sorting through your car. These simple tricks can help you get started on the right foot.

Keep a Plastic Bag in the Car

No one likes trash on the floor of their car. It gives off odors and is just a bad look, especially if you have a special someone riding in the car for a date. Save yourself the poor optics of a car littered with candy bar wrappers and soda bottles and take the easy step of keeping a plastic bag in the car to serve as a trash bag. When it reaches full capacity, simply tie it off and throw it away. Your car will thank you.

Quick Wipedown While Pumping Gas

It’s so easy to stare off into the distance and forget about everything while completing the mundane task of filling your car with gas. Turn your refueling into an efficient, productive experience by using the squeegees and soapy water offered at fuel pumps by almost all gas stations. One minute of wiping your windows and body of the car will remove the dirt, grime, and bird waste that can so quickly smear a vehicle.

If your vehicle needs more help than simple cosmetic fixes, contact the service department at Bob Ross Buick GMC In Dayton, OH for an appointment, and we would love to help you out today. Have a great day, and thank you for reading!

Take Your Driving to the Next Level with the myBuick App

Buick LogoWhat

Every year, many of us spend hours upon hours in our vehicles driving. We drive the daily commute to work, drive our kids to school, and set out on long trips to visit family. Since driving is such a central part of our lives, we should do everything we can to continue improving our driving habits to become smarter, safer drivers. In an age where we use our smartphones to track fitness habits, monitor our health, and log our sleeping patterns, we should also be using smartphones to understand our driving habits and improve them. Luckily, the myBuick app allows us to do just that.


The myBuick app seamlessly integrates Buick Smart Driver services and information into one convenient spot. Through communicating with your Buick vehicle (a 2015 model year or newer), the myBuick app presents the following information that can help you improve your driving habits: high-speed driving habits, hard braking and hard acceleration events, how often you drive late at nights, average mpg and mph, total miles driven, and an overall Smart Driver score. By evaluating this information on a consistent basis, you can follow the app’s tips on how to become a smarter driver and improve your habits over time.

For more information about what models are equipped with myBuick capability, contact the team here are Bob Ross Buick GMC.

Road Trip Essentials: What to Bring on Your Adventure

Yukon Road Trip

You’ll Find Everything You Need On This List

There’s nothing more American than taking a long drive through your region or across the country, and a new Buick or GMC will make that trip all the more enjoyable. Before you hit the road on your next adventure, be sure to pack some of these road trip essentials. From the basics to some luxuries, you’ll find everything you need on this list.

According to REI Co-Op, you should pack plenty of healthy snacks. A small cooler with a drainage port is great for keeping supplies cool, and you can also carry a Leatherman or other knife to help you slice fresh food on the go. Bring veggies, fruit, and plenty of water, and be sure to have napkins and hand sanitizer to use before you eat. Healthy food and drink will keep you alert and refreshed on the go.

Be prepared to take small, unexpected adventures, and don’t rule anything out. One of the perks of road trips is that you can stumble across virtually anything. Bring gear for climbing, skiing, biking, and hiking (depending on where you’re headed), as well as a blanket to stretch out on.

If you have a roomy vehicle like the GMC Yukon or Yukon XL, you may even want to camp in your SUV. Bring a sleeping pad for below your sleeping bag for added comfort, a solar inflatable lantern (the fewer breakable things the better) and a spare duffel for added storage.

If you want to find the perfect vehicle for your road trip adventures, or make sure your current ride is up to the task, come visit the team at Bob Ross Buick GMC.

How to Spring Clean Your Car

Spring Clean Your Car

Now that spring is blooming here in Ohio, it is time to freshen up your life. While many of us choose to do some spring cleaning in our houses, you don’t want to forget your car. Here are a few tips on how to spring clean your car.

  • Clean your vents

    You can see all the dust gathering in your air vents, but how do you reach it? Use foam art brushes to squeeze through the gaps and brush away all the dirt and dust.

  • Shine your hubcaps.

    After this long winter, your hubcaps are probably covered in grime and scratches. Use bleach powder mixed with some water to buff your hubcaps back to their like-new appearance.

  • Defog your headlights.

    Over time, the plastic coverings on your headlights can start to appear foggy. Rub toothpaste all over them, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and clean it off with water.

  • Clean your seats.

    If you have cloth upholstery, use an upholstery cleaner to tackle any ground in stains. In addition, if your furry friends every takes a ride with you, they likely leave some hair behind. To get it off of your seats, mist your seats with water and use a squeegee to collect the hairs.

If your car needs a little bit more help to make it through spring, come see the service specialists at Bob Ross Buick GMC.

Customer Feedback Drives 2019 Buick Envision Updates

2019 Buick Envision - Bob Ross Buick GMC

Buick is putting customer satisfaction at the top of its “must have” list for the 2019 model year, and this couldn’t be more obvious than in the 2019 Buick Envision updates. The crossover’s newly refined style, performance improvements, and technology tweaks all reflect suggestions that current Envisions have made.


For the 2019 model year, the Envision has a redesigned front and rear end, a new signature girl, and new wheel options. The premium American carmaker has focused on offering quality and safety in particular.


“Some of the 2019 Envision’s most notable changes are the results of listening to our customers,” said Elizabeth Pilibosian, Envision chief manager. “Beneath the updated exterior are a number of changes guided by a goal of offering the most refined and pleasant driving experience possible.”


The 2019 also received a number of performance and technology updates, including an additional bit of pep from the 2.0-liter turbo engine, which now boasts 252 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, and an engine stop/start deactivation switch, which is a Buick first in North America. It also has a new nine-speed automatic transmission, which comes on the 2.0-liter turbo models; the ability to switch between Adaptive Cruise Control and regular Cruise Control; wireless phone charging; and more.


We can’t wait to see this vehicle on the Bob Ross Buick GMC lot!

Cabin Fever? Try Out These Winter Activities in Dayton

When the weather outside gets frightful, you might find yourself becoming increasingly inclined to stay indoors on the weekends. Dayton has plenty of amazing things to do when it’s warm, like the awesome MetroParks system or Cox Arboretum, but these and other attractions can still be inspiring with a winter landscape. If you are getting a touch of cabin fever and need to get out of the house, try one of these Dayton, Ohio, winter activities.

Winter Activities in Dayton

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

This science museum is a fun place for kids and young adults to spend the day. There are several permanent hands-on exhibitions as well as rotating installations worth visiting. There’s even a cozy treehouse where kids and adults can use binoculars to look for winter birds nested in the bare trees.


Roller Skating

If you’ve had your fill of ice skating, you can opt for its indoor alternative. The Dayton area has several great rinks, like Orbit Fun Center in Huber Heights, Skateworld in Kettering, and Skateworld in Vandalia.

Dayton Art Institute

This gorgeous art museum is filled with inspiring exhibitions and offers special events and classes. There’s something for all ages, and your family can visit the DAI for an affordable price on a Super Saturday Family Day, where admission for families of four is just $10.


Don’t let the wintertime blues get you down. Get out there and do something fun in Dayton, even if there’s snow on the ground.

Best Haunted Attractions Near Dayton, Ohio

Best Haunted Attractions Near Dayton, Ohio
Best Haunted Attractions Near Dayton, Ohio

Some of the best haunted attractions are within driving distance of Dayton, Ohio. Check these out.

Lewisburg Haunted Cave

As the longest trek in the haunted house business, with 500 feet of haunted bridges and over 30,000 bats calling this cave home, you’re sure to get a few scares out of this terrifying cave for an admission fee of $16 for adults and $8 for kids.

Springboro Haunted Hayride and Black Bog Haunted Trail

Taking place on Bull Run Farms, this attraction features a journey through the “Forgotten Forest” and the abandoned “Brimstone Kingdom” where you’ll find yourself at the mercy of the Curse of Brimstone Road.

Riverside Jaycee’s Haunted Castle

A haunted castle, trail, and maze await you in a labyrinth of terror in Riverside, Ohio. $15 includes all three attractions, located off Harshman Road right by Eastwood Metropark.

Dayton Scream Park

Enter one haunted trail and two haunted houses if you dare. More than 60+ live monsters will chase, jump at, and shout at you as you make your way through over 30 scenes.

Halloween Haunt at King’s Island

Get your scream on as southwest Ohio’s premier theme park turns into a haunted wonderland for the Halloween season, with roller coasters, amusement park rides, haunted trails, and more.

Check out the best haunted attractions in southwest Ohio near Dayton. And you can travel in your family’s new Buick crossover from us here at Bob Ross Buick GMC.