Take Your Driving to the Next Level with the myBuick App

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Every year, many of us spend hours upon hours in our vehicles driving. We drive the daily commute to work, drive our kids to school, and set out on long trips to visit family. Since driving is such a central part of our lives, we should do everything we can to continue improving our driving habits to become smarter, safer drivers. In an age where we use our smartphones to track fitness habits, monitor our health, and log our sleeping patterns, we should also be using smartphones to understand our driving habits and improve them. Luckily, the myBuick app allows us to do just that.


The myBuick app seamlessly integrates Buick Smart Driver services and information into one convenient spot. Through communicating with your Buick vehicle (a 2015 model year or newer), the myBuick app presents the following information that can help you improve your driving habits: high-speed driving habits, hard braking and hard acceleration events, how often you drive late at nights, average mpg and mph, total miles driven, and an overall Smart Driver score. By evaluating this information on a consistent basis, you can follow the app’s tips on how to become a smarter driver and improve your habits over time.

For more information about what models are equipped with myBuick capability, contact the team here are Bob Ross Buick GMC.